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Wise Man Finance in Nevada lied to me and used my information to apply for credit cards in my name. Wise Man finance tells you that they will get "your company funded" they don't, they make a few phone calls impersonating you or apply online using your information.

Wise Man finance in Nevada is a scam and the two partners make thousands for 20 minutes of work. They remove any bad reviews about them. If someone from Wise Man Finance calls you, run the other way. Apply for credit cards yourself saving time and money. Do not give these guys your social security number or any information.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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Wiseman Finance are a bunch a lying bastards! Steer clear of this company unless you want to be scammed. These jerkoffs should be in jail!


This company is owned by Joseph Ferriolo aka Joe Ferriolo. He also owns another BS company :roll


They are indeed a scam, and, in my case, LIED on applications.

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